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ArtCAM Pro

ArtCAM ProArtCAM Pro is an artistic 3D CAD/CAM package with the functionality to do 2D design, editing and layout tools, vectorization of bitmaps, true shape nesting, 3D modeling tools, 3D model import, interactive sculpting, texturing tools and ability to re-use 3D models as clipart in any size in other designs. Machining options include, automatic inlay tools, fully customizable tool database, V-carving, prismatic carving, drilling, profiling and the ability to add tabs onto a toolpath to stop the part moving as it is cutout, plus 3D machining, the ability to limit the area a tool cuts in 3D, multi tool smart engraving, feature machining and many other options. Includes Thermwood ArtCAM post processor and 3 days of training, for 2 people at Thermwood’s training facility (customer is responsible for travel expenses).

ArtCAM InsigniaArtCAM Insignia

ArtCAM Insignia is an entry level 2D design and routing software that has various editing and design capabilities (example vectorization of bitmaps and etc.).

Machining options include V-Carving, prismatic carving, profiling, etc.


ArtREAD is an add-on for ArtCAM Pro which allows the user to reverse process toolpaths from other systems to re-create a 3D model which can then be brought into ArtCAM and edited, used as clipart or remachined. It can also convert data from 3D digitizing systems into ArtCAM ready data.