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Mastercam makes it faster, easier, more efficiently

Mastercam Router is the CAD/CAM software that takes you to a new level of productivity. Easy to learn because Mastercam makes programming so simple, you’ll be designing and cutting parts on day one. Easy to operate because you can modify and part immediately and get updated tool paths without starting over. Easy to profit because Mastercam grows with your business. From basic flat parts to the most intricate 5-axis machining, Mastercam brings unprecedented automation, ease an expandability to your machining business.

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With Mastercam, you get proven reliability

Mastercam has a proven track record of developing CAD/CAM software with one thing in mind – the specific needs of the user. Today, more shops rely on Mastercam than any other CAD/CAM software. And with Mastercam Router, you have a powerful, easy-to-use package with CAD/CAM tools designed expressly for routing operations like yours.

Mastercam Router Entry Router Router
Complete customizability X X X X
Create and dimension live wireframe geometry X X X X
Read / write IGES, DXF, SAT, Parasolid, EPS & more X X X
Read native Autocad, SolidWorks, Solid Edge & more X X X
Read native Catia nd Pro/E files optional optional optional
Live surface modeling X X X
CAD file change recognition X X X X
Solid modeling optional optional optional
Fully associative toolpaths X X X X
Feature-Based Machining X X X
Drilling X X X X
2D contour cutting X X X X
Basic pocketing X X X X
3D contour cutting, trimming & remachining X X X
Advanced pocketing, including open pockets X X X
2D highspeed machining X X X
Block drilling X X X
Tabs X X X
Right-angle head support X X X
Engraving X X X
On-screen toolpath verification X X X
Single and limited multisurface roughing X X
Single and limited multisurface finishing X X
Full multisurface and solid roughing X
Full multisurface and solid finishing X
Full multisurface and solid “cleanup” machining X
Full multisurface and solid high speed machining X
5-axis drilling and curve machining optional optional optional
Full 4-and 5-axis machining optional
Engraving optional optional optional